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Group a dataframe together by latitude/longitude columns and create a HTML popup with user-defined columns. By default, the unique values of character columns are collapsed into comma-separated lists, numeric columns are averaged, and date columns are presented as a range. This function returns the input dataframe appended with a "popup" column, which can then be used in the popup argument of a function like polarMap().


  latitude = NULL,
  longitude = NULL,
  names = NULL,
  control = NULL,
  fun.character = function(x) paste(unique(x), collapse = ", "),
  fun.numeric = function(x) signif(mean(x, na.rm = TRUE), 3),
  fun.dttm = function(x) paste(lubridate::floor_date(range(x, na.rm = TRUE), "day"),
    collapse = " to ")



A data frame containing latitude and longitude information that will go on to be used in a function such as polarMap().


A character vector of column names, the data from which will appear in the popup.

latitude, longitude

The decimal latitude/longitude. If not provided, will be automatically inferred from data by looking for a column named "lat"/"latitude" or "lon"/"lng"/"long"\"longitude". (case-insensitively).


Optional. A named vector used to rename certain columns in the popups. See the Example for more information.


Optional. Column which will be used for the control argument of other mapping functions. This only needs to be used if control is going to be used in polarMap() or another similar function, and you'd expect different values for the different map layers (for example, if you are calculating a mean pollutant concentration).


A function to summarise character and factor columns. Defaults to collapsing unique values into a comma-separated list.


A function to summarise numeric columns. Defaults to taking the mean to three significant figures.


A function to summarise date columns. Defaults to presenting the date as a range.


if (FALSE) {
  data = openairmaps::polar_data,
  cols = c("site", "site_type", "date", "nox"),
  names = c("Site" = "site", "Site Type" = "site_type", "Date Range" = "date")
) %>%
  polarMap("nox", popup = "popup")