Workhorse function that automatically applies routine text formatting to common expressions and data names used in openair.

quickText(text, auto.text = TRUE)



A character vector.


A logical option. The default, TRUE, applies quickText to text and returns the result. The alternative, FALSE, returns text unchanged. (A number of openair functions enable/unenable quickText using this option.


The function returns an expression for graphical evaluation.


quickText is routine formatting lookup table. It screens the supplied character vector text and automatically applies formatting to any recognised character sub-series. The function is used in a number of openair functions and can also be used directly by users to format text components of their own graphs (see below).


#example 1 ##see axis formatting in an openair plot, e.g.: scatterPlot(mydata, x = "no2", y = "pm10")
#example 2 ##using quickText in other plots plot(mydata$no2, mydata$pm10, xlab = quickText("my no2 label"), ylab = quickText("pm10 [ ug.m-3 ]"))